Beware of fainting fits, beware of swoons.  Run mad as often as you choose... but do not faint!
A Rusalka
   Welcome to Jane, my rather old website. Formerly home to youthful ramblings and bad poetry, this space is now home to my ever-expanding monster of a blog, hidden in the depths of which you can find all the youthful ramblings you could ever care for and even, occasionally, bad poetry.
   In addition to the blog, I mostly use this space to corral the places where I keep track of what I read, what I watch, pictures I take, things I see, etc.
   But! Dear reader, all of this should already be palpably obvious. And so, I leave you to it-
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Main site last updated July 26, 2013, but Blog updated quite often.
Password to Travel Photo section is my birthday (MMDDYY).